Digital Asset Management

Uview is a Digital Asset Management system that gives you control over some of your most valuable assets and resources.

In the digital age we now live in, it is proving to be increasingly important to retain all your digital and media assets, and have them easily available in a secure environment. Producing digital media can be a huge financial investment to a business or organisation, so it makes sense to retain those assets. Uview makes it easy to manage all your digital media and brand resources, giving you peace of mind knowing your organisation’s digital assets are safe and secure, and archived off-site.

Uview is also at the forefront of managing intellectual property, with one of the most advanced systems available on the market today. The state-of-the-art intellectual property management system (IPMS) allows you to manage assets effectively, notifying administrators when assets are set to expire, and whether those assets ordered can be used.

Our online ordering system tracks when and where your assets are used, displaying licences, expiry dates, and any extra copyright information, before an asset is approved for usage. All information is recorded against each asset with a comprehensive view of all activity. Uview’s online and monthly reports also provide an overview of analytics showing data-driven, and ordering information.

In a team environment, the life cycle of documents, resources, and digital media is very important to maintain and manage. Our secure encrypted online approval system allows workflow to be managed seamlessly, providing organisations with the ability to collaborate with clients with a tool that captures the job from concept to archive.

Our innovated service will give your organisation a secure platform to manage all your digital assets.

Best of all, we are right here in Wellington, New Zealand.

It’s your content…
so you should be in control.