Digital Asset Management

Uview is a product of Wakefields Digital, and has been used by some of New Zealand's largest publishers for over 10 years. Uview is a Digital Asset Management online system that is customised to individual clients and organisations. It offers an effective digital storage system for print and web publications, and resources, centralising your digital data and giving users up to date online tracking information. Included in Uview, is a retrieval request system with client options to download relevant files or information, and a Production Tracker for current work with version control.

Our main point of difference compared to other Digital Asset Management systems, is Uview is not an off the shelf product you have to run yourself. With Uview you get our team along with our website and product. We have thirty years of experience in Print, Prepress, Graphic design and Print ready file management. You can be assured that your Digital assets are up to date, relevant and can be re-used across multiple media’s.  If you would like to know more give us a call or email us at